Emotional Support Service for those affected by the Ukraine War

The Existential Academy can provide you with a free, confidential, emotional support service (ESS) if you are affected by the War in Ukraine. This is an English speaking service of up to 8 sessions for people with links to Ukraine.

We are a community interest company, with years of experience in providing free emotional support for people whose lives have been impacted by political events.
What do we mean by emotional support?
The main aim of our service is to help you explore and better understand your reactions and responses in this period of emotional upheaval, anxiety, and despair so that you can re-establish your sense of inner balance, perspective and purpose. We can provide a confidential and supportive space in which calm reflection will enable you to take stock of your experiences, feelings, thoughts and sensations.
What we can offer you
Our emotinal support practitoners can offer you a space to express - usually online or by telephone - your thoughts and feelings about issues that confront you.  It is not about giving you advice or telling you how to be.  Rather, the service is designed to help you explore what has happened and what you are experiencing.  
An important part of this process is for you to feel heard and to have your experience acknowledged.  Our practitioners are all in training at an advanced level and will work with you in a non-judgmental and assumption-free way.  All practitioners are supervised by experienced existential therapists.
Eligible service users can expect to have up to 8 confidential sessions with a dedicated practitioner.  Each session will be 50 minutes long, and will normally be held at the same time each week.
Arrange to Talk with Someone
If you would like to book an initial appointment session, or simply ask some questions about the service you can please contact:
What will happen next?
Sarah will email you a short questionnaire to complete and you will then be contacted by a senior therapist who will talk to you about your needs and allocate a practitioner to you who will then be in contact through your preferred method to set up the sessions.  All information will be treated with the strictest of confidence and will be used to help us determine the suitability of the service for you. 
A leaflet is available to download at the bottom of the page - please feel free to share this with anyone who may find it useful.

European Commission information for those fleeing the war in Ukraine


Redcross help for Ukrainians coming to the UK:


UK government scheme for Ukrainians coming to the UK:


Information about free travel:


Welcome: a guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK


Refugee Support


Letters on Ukraine | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)

Information about using the NHS Service
Please download the leaflets at the bottom of this page.




Information about Emotional Support for Ukrainians in Ukrainian

Here is some information about other emotional support services for Ukrainians who only speak Ukrainian.  

We are happy to provide this information for Ukrainian citizens who are currently being hosted in the UK and who wish to have emotional support in Ukrainian. 

This service is not under the supervision of the Existential Academy and we take no responsibility for the qualifications or quality of this service.

We do not oversee this work as we do with the in house ESS service.  We have not been involved in training any of these Ukrainian therapists. We are providing these links purely to be of assistance to our Ukrainian friends in the UK. 


For free psychological support:

Rock Clinic Association: https://www.rockclinic.org.uk/ukraine-therapy/

Розкажи мені: https://tellme.com.ua/

Meclee: https://meclee.com/russkiykorabl-idinahui

Mindly: https://mindlyspace.com/?utm_source=Bestin+

NHS Sussex Partnership: https://www.sussexpartnership.nhs.uk/emotional-support-refugees


Useful articles:

Де безкоштовно отримати психологічну допомогу під час війни: список ресурсів 


Privately listed Ukrainian therapists:

Please download the document at the bottom of this page.