Emotional support service for Europeans


The current climate of uncertainty and insecurity that is experienced by 3.6million EU citizens resident in the UK, whose fundamental rights of residence have been thrown into doubt for the past year, has raised serious concerns about their mental health and well being. The resulting distress is regularly evident, for example, on online advocacy forums such as those run by the New Europeans. While striving to offer as much information and support as possible, these agencies are not equipped, resourced or qualified to provide the much-needed professional emotional support to these people.

To address this urgent need, The Existential Academy in association with the Society of Psychotherapy and Voices for Europe provides an emotional support service for EU citizens resident in the UK and whose mental health has been adversely impacted by the uncertainty and emotional upheaval caused. The service is provided by accredited psychotherapists, counselling psychologists, and other professionals experienced in mentoring or coaching who are affiliates of the Existential Academy.


Service description

This is a short-term support service offering prospective clients up to six sessions with a qualified practitioner who is volunteering to provide this emotional support service.   Our goal is to help concerned EU citizens to explore and better understand their emotional responses to this period of great upheaval and uncertainty, and so allowing them to gain greater clarity and make informed decisions on how to better cope and protect their well being. 

It is of course important and right that this service is provided by appropriately qualified practitioners who are trained and experienced in working with distressed individuals. All our supporters have been vetted by senior clinical staff who work with our sister company, Mytherapy.place, which provides the online video, audio, and text chat that ESSE uses. The emotional supporters are supervised by psychotherapy supervisors appointed by the Existential Academy. 

How do you get support?

The first step is to contact us at esse@existential.academy by downloading, completing and then emailing the contact form to us, which you will find to the right of this text.  If our service is right for you, our administration will then work to find a volunteer therapist for you who is available at the time you request.

An emotional supporter will be nominated by us, who will then contact you and invite you to a session on MyTherapy.place that you can access via Firefox, Chrome or Safari running on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  There is no connection charge, and you can use it for video chat, audio chat, just like a phone, or text chat.  It is similar to Skype, but with better security.  

If we consider that our service is not best suited to meet your needs, we will try to signpost you to alternative services that may be better able to help.

Coverage of the emotional distress caused by Brexit and the work of ESSE on French television


Article in the Independent (June 2017)

For further details, please email esse@existential.academy 

or call Ali on 0203 7403292