Existential Group Supervision

Award: Certificate of Attendance

Study Mode: Online (Zoom)

Frequency: Weekly for 6 weeks

Time: TBC

Dates: TBC

About the course:

The Existential Academy is putting together a new series of Clinical Supervision groups for qualified practitioners, beginning in April 2024

The group will have 4-5 qualified practitioners and will be facilitated by a highly experienced supervisor in the field. Members of the group will bring clinical material from their practice, private or otherwise, that will be carefully examined and discussed.  All supervisees will be encouraged to critically appraise their own interventions to their client’s presentation and will also give feedback to their fellow colleagues in the spirit of curiosity and learning. The supervisor will help the group to conceptualise the work in both a practical and philosophical manner, to enable a richer, fuller, existential formulation of their clinical work

How to Apply: Email our admissions officer, Alessio Compagnino: [email protected]

Course fees: £ 350 + VAT