How the universe works - Medicine wheel maps out our relationship to the cosmos and other people

Friday 18th October 2019


When we go somewhere new, the first thing we usually do is check a map to help in plotting our course. But have you ever had a map of life?  I didn't until I discovered the Medicine Wheel - and what a blessing it has been!

You can put any life issue onto the Medicine Wheel and once you find it's correct 'sitting place', the wheel will show you what energies are working and what they are doing – and therefore what to address in order to change and heal the issue.

The Medicine Wheel is a series of interlocking maps of life and shows us the forces that operate on us from all directions. The wheels are circles of power and knowledge, ways of understanding life and its cyclical and circular nature. They teach of our connection to all things and show our way to Centre, our way home. Our ancient ancestors saw the world in terms of circles and cycles and so it was natural that they should teach of life in this manner. 

'Medicine' means vital force, it is anything which brings personal power, power over our self, the ability to respond to and to consciously co-create our life. The Medicine Wheel is not a belief system, it is a guide to steer a good heart-full path through life's many challenges and vicissitudes.

The Twenty Count, also known as the Childrens' Count because it was a way children were taught, is the foundation wheel and shows the forces of the Universe and how they compliment and oppose each other. It maps the forces which create what we experience as reality.

The Star Maiden's Circle is the central circle of the Twenty Count and is the circle of human life and development. It is the work of the 'South' direction of the wheel, the waters, the past, memory, the inner child, the emotional body, the ally of trust and innocence and the enemy of fear.

This workshop will give you new ways to understand your self and your life and new ways to identify and deal with the challenges that life sends you.


Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, has been a Shamanic Practitioner for over 30 years

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