Introduction to Counselling Survivors of Coercive and Radical Cultic Groups & Spiritual Abuse

Friday 28th September 2018 to Saturday 29th September 2018

28th and 29th September 2018, 10am-4.30pm

Day 1

Focus to understand cults, how they exist and their impact on an individual on a deeper level.

  • What is a cult and why do definitions matter?
  • Differences between First Generation Adults (joined) and Second & Multi-Generation Adults (born and/or raised)
  • The cult mind-set from Gestalt Psychotherapy theory perspective
  • What is thought-reform (brainwashing) - brief introduction
  • What is the harm caused?

Day 2

Participants will understand the recovery options available for survivors. 

  • The rationale for working with cult pseudo-personality
  • Understanding cult related introjects
  • What does recovery look like?
  • The therapeutic relationship when working with former members and mistakes counsellors can make
  • Consultancy on specific cases

Dr Gillie Jenkinson (PhD), is a UKCP accredited psychotherapist in UK and Reg MBACP. She is experienced in delivering counselling face-to-face as well as on the telephone and Skype. She served two internships at a cult recovery mental health facility, Wellspring Retreat Centre, Ohio, USA, and has many years’ experience working with trauma, including survivors of spiritual and cult abuse, and sexual abuse. She has developed an approach to counselling former members - "Time Away for Post-Cult Counselling". Gillie was a member of an abusive Bible-based cult in the 1970’s. She is a regular presenter at conferences and a published author, including a co-authoring a chapter entitled Pathological Spirituality for a medical text book entitled Spirituality and Psychiatry, published by RCPsych Publications in UK - 2009. Her doctoral research dissertation is entitled: ‘Freeing the authentic-self: Phases of Recovery and Growth from an Abusive Cult Experience’. She contributed a chapter to the new International Cultic Studies Association book ‘Cult Recovery: A clinician’s guide to working with former members and families’ entitled ‘Relational Psychoeducational Intensive: Time Away for Post-Cult Counselling’. Gillie is on the Executive of BACP Spirituality. Website:

Total fee: £150

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