Working with Gender, Sexuality and other differences in identity

Monday 24th September 2018 to Saturday 1st December 2018

24th September - 1st December 2018

Ten week online module

The world is changing!  How often have you heard that, and found that your own world stays the same?  But the same cannot be said of the changes to our old apparent certainties about gender and sexual expression.  New freedoms and new awareness of different ways of being are welcome, but also disconcerting to some.  Our identity is so tied up with our gender, and how we express our gender sexually, that new ideas or new expressions often evoke fear, anxiety, even indignation in some of the ‘conforming majority’.  When a friend says, “when you refer to me in future, refer to me as ‘them’. I no longer want to use a gendered pronoun” how does our friend feel if we find it difficult to do so?  When a celebrity announces that they are pansexual, what do they mean?  What is the new normal?   This short online course over ten weeks addresses these and many other questions about the social control of sexual expression and sexual preference, individual freedom, discrimination against those who challenge binary gender attributions or different sexualities.

If you are an employer, an educator, a family member or someone who is changing your gender identity or you no longer feeling bound by ascribed sexual expression, this short course will be for you.

(Please note that this module also forms part of NSPC's new PG Certificate, PG Diploma, and MA in Diversity, awarded by Middlesex University, and credits from completing this short course can be transferred, on satisfactory completion of an assignment, to one of these new courses.  Further details, including how to apply,  at

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