Certificate in Autism

  • Online
  • 30th Apr—16th Nov 2020

Further details on the two modules below:

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder

2.Neuropsychological and Neurobiological Approaches

Autism Spectrum Disorder will  provide a systematic introduction to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including Asperger syndrome, and autism spectrum conditions (ASC).

It aims to instill an awareness of the presentations of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and of the impact of this disorder on the affected person and on the people close to them. It also aims to provide a comprehensive account of contemporary knowledge about the causes and effective therapies, approaches and interventions in ASD, and to enable the student to be able to combine these personal and scientific perspectives. The overall aim is to provide the detailed knowledge of this increasingly salient developmental disorder that will be required for the student to have met the overall aims of the course.

Neuropsychological and Neurobiological Approaches will provide a systematic and comprehensive review of the scientific literature on this disorder.  

It aims to provide all of the necessary biological and psychosocial knowledge for a student to be able to read and understand the scientific literature on the causes, development, ascertainment, impact, and management of the neurodevelopmental disorder.  

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