Existential Anxiety

  • Online
  • 28th May '20 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

The workshop will explore the meaning, the role and the inevitable presence of existential anxiety in our lives.

Whether referred to as existential angst or existential anxiety  stems from  the idea  our life and existence does not come with built-in meaning. There are limits and boundaries on it (namely that our life is limited in time), and yet within these boundaries there are multiple potentials we could choose to fulfill.

Existential anxiety tends to arise during transitions and reflections and  often relates to a sense of losing one's bearings and sense of security. It is an awakening call.  It shines a light on the challenges of existence but also opens an array of possibilities  and potentials confronting us with our freedom to chose and the responsibilty that ensues. 

 Dr Nancy Hakim Dowek is an existential psychotherapist and supervisor practising in London; she is currently working in private practice and at the Dilemma consultancy. She is also working with a number of Cancer support charities (Paul’s Cancer Support Centre, Breast Cancer Haven).

She is the foundation course leader, short courses and CPD organisor at the Existential Academy and teaches a at the  New School for Psychotherapy and Counselling. 

She is particularly interested in existential themes relating to experiences which confront us with our life choices and circumstances past, present and future and the growth it entails in psychotherapy.



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