Existential Child Psychotherapy with Chris Scalzo

  • The Existential Academy
  • 14th Feb '20 10.00 am – 4.30 pm

About the Workshop

There are certainly different parameters that qualitatively define the lives of children from those of adults. Yet this does not take away children's being in the world and demand for coping with meaning: children are not deprived of existential concerns because they are not deprived of living.

This workshop is aimed at those who are interested in how children disclose their existential concerns and their everyday struggle for meaning, and how as therapists/practitioners we can relate to children and young people as they are negotiating this complex process. The challenge in working existentially with children exists often as much for the adults as for the children themselves, and this workshop offers a way of thinking about the process and how to be with children in a therapeutic context.

We will think about core existential concepts and how they relate to a child's lived experience and focus on the importance of relationships in all aspects of child therapy. What is key in such work is an acknowledgement that we must always consider our world view and preconceptions in any phenomenological or existential enquiry, and this is particularly pertinent when working with vulnerable children.


Chris Scalzo is a UKPC registered existential psychotherapist.  He currently works full-time for the National Health Service as a therapist, clinical supervisor and area manager of a county-wide specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).  He has previously lectured and taught post-MA psychologists in training on Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling and has previously published philosophically based articles in the journal Existential Analysis.  He has worked as a therapist with children and families across a wide range of settings and is author of the book, ‘Therapy with Children: An Existential Perspective’ (Karnac, 2010).

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