Practitioners Rolling Workshop

  • Online
  • 14th May—23rd Jul 2020


Aims and objectives

The workshop will comprise seven meetings including an introductory workshop. It is aiming at supporting and educating practitioners in the challenging work they are doing in the present circumstances, whilst using the existential paradigm.

It will include an hour presentation on an existential themes and how it relates to the practitioner wellbeing and how can be used in the therapeutic space. The second hour will consist in creating a safe space in which the group members can share their difficulties as other experiences of their work from home/online.

1st session – Existential anxiety and existential courage

Philosophers: Kierkegaard, Tillich, Nietzsche, van Deurzen

2nd session – Freedom, choice and responsibility

Philosophers: Sartre, Nietzsche, de Beauvoir,

3rd  session – Authenticity and bad faith

Philosophers: Sartre, Heidegger, de Beauvoir, Kierkegaard

4th  – Meaning making in a senseless world

Philosophers: Frankl, Camus  

5th – Living toward death

Philosophers :Heidegger , Yalom  

6th - The 4 dimensions of existence

Philosophers: van Deurzen, Jaspers