Apply for a Training or Diversity Course

It can take some time to obtain the documents you need. Only applications fulfilling all entry requirements will be considered for the next stage of the application process.

Course application deadlines

The courses do not have application deadlines as such, and applications are processed throughout the year. The Foundation Course’s modules are run every term weekly or intensively and we aim to allocate places as soon as possible for suitable candidates.

What happens next?

Following your application submission and if successful, you will be called in for interview.  A few days after the interview you will receive a decision from the admission department of the school as follows:

Successful applicants:

  •  Unconditional acceptance
  • Waiting list - Applicants will secure an automatic place on the next intake and will have priority over new applications. This allocation may be brought forward in case of cancellation or additional places. Applicants will be notified as soon as there is an opening and will be offered a place. In that case it is imperative that the candidate makes a swift decision.

You will receive your login details and a member of the admission team will enrol you onto the courses of your choices and according to the schedule that suits you.         

Please note that we will not be able to consider your application until an application fee of £50 has been received. The fee is not refundable, and you will receive details of how to pay once you have submitted your application.

Unsuccessful Applicants:

  • Applicants who were close to fulfilling the requirements may be asked to fulfil additional conditions. These applicants will be interviewed again provided they have fulfilled the additional conditions and will be reconsidered for the course with no need to submit a new application.

Can I apply to the same course again?

You may apply to any course only once in each year of study. However, if you did not secure a place you can apply for the next intake and your application will be considered as new.

What if I would like to continue my studies at the Existential Academy with NSPC?

After successfully completing two modules of the foundation and during the third module you will be eligible to apply to the Doctoral or Master’s programmes. The procedure is similar to the one described above and at the end of which if your application is successful you may be offered a conditional place on the course of your choice providing you successfully complete the third module.

Is there a waiting list?

We aim to allocate successful applicants to the intake of their choice. However, if the first intake is already fully allocated these candidates will be offered a place in the following intake but this can be brought forward in case there are cancellations. Applicants will be notified as soon as there is an opening and will be offered a place. In that case it is imperative that candidate makes a swift decision.

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